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It takes a village to raise a technology startup

Silicon Valley, the Hollywood for entrepreneurs, is an inspiration to cities and countries all over the world. Every country worth its proverbial tech salt, has tried to recreate valley-esque surroundings for startup companies to flourish. Some have succeeded and a vast majority of them have failed. India, arguably has its own Silicon Valley in Bengaluru, […]

Launching Heineken in Kerala – Interview with Joe Alapatt

United Breweries in partnership with the Alapatt Group launched Heineken beer in Kerala in July 2013. In an email interview with The Kochi Post, Joe Alapatt, Managing partner at Alapatt Group, shared with us on what it takes to introduce an international beer brand in Kerala. About the Heineken brand and why Malayali beer drinkers […]

Malayali Housewife becomes a YouTube star

Chandralekha comes from a poor background in Adoor, Kerala. Having always had musical aspirations, but never daring to dream big, she let go of this aspiration due to financial and domestic constraints.  But a chance recording of her singing on YouTube has generated a lot of buzz on Facebook and over 100K views on YouTube. […]

An App for the Malayali Spirit

Nondescript shop, long line of men, towels over heads, newspaper covered bottles in hand. Trademark of India’s most tipsy state — Kerala. With technology disrupting various markets, it was only a matter of time before an enterprising company came up with an application targeting alcohol consumers in Kerala. Aptly named Kuppi, this Android app provides […]

Kerala tops nation in toilet numbers

If you thought this didn’t warrant a story, think again! According to 2011 census, only 47% of households in India have a toilet, up from 36% in 2001. A data-visualizing website Data Stories has mapped the data of number of households to access to toilets and it doesn’t paint a rosy picture. According to this […]

CUSAT Professor fired – Creates a Stir

N S Gopalakrishnan, HRD Chair Professor on IPR in the School of Legal Studies, Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), was removed from this position end of July 2013. According to legal news portal Livelaw, the removal of Professor N S Gopalakrishnan was a politically motivated move. It also quotes a senior official at the Ministry […]

INK comes to Kochi: An Interview with the founder, Lakshmi Pratury

INK, or “India’s TED” as some people call it, is hosting its annual event in Kochi this month. INK is a three-day conference, bringing together people from different fields — technology, business, science, arts, entertainment — to share ideas and to showcase their work. Topics range from cleaning oil spills to the wisdom of mythology. […]