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Wrapping the world in Thorthu

This is the one fabric that every Malayalee will swear by. For any number of uses at home, right from using around the kitchen while you cook, to tying it round your head while you garden, to drying off with one after a shower. Yes, it is the humble “thorthu” or the towel fabric that […]

Get The Kochi Post Palm Book

The Kochi Post is advertisement free and we intend to stay that way. One of the ways we support ourselves is by selling The Kochi Post branded products. The Kochi Post Palm Book is a product by Paperworks Etc. in India. The book is composed with subtle elements of design and its exemplary binding holds the […]

The Typo portrait experiment by Sabareesh Ravi

The above poster, when shared on The Kochi Post page, went viral. It touch a cord and we were trying to find its original creator. We finally managed to find Sabareesh Ravi and asked a few questions to know more about this Typo Portraits. What got you into typo portrait? Typo portrait was an experiment […]

Astrologer and Me, an honest effort to demystify

It’s tough for many to see astrology as a science. There are many who swear by it. It’s a multibillion dollar enterprise. For many, consulting an astrologer is a must before any major life decisions. Like an industry, it also has its fair share of con artists who take people for a ride. Praveen P […]

The Malayalee Alphabet by Taarika John

Taarika John’s The Malayalee Alphanet, a series of posters she created, illustrating Malayalee characters for every letter of the alphabet, was a hit on the social media networks recently. We caught up with Taarika and asked her a few questions: Why are you not in nursing or engineering? At least civil engineering? 🙂 When did you know this […]

Manmohan Singh doing things


Cartoon by Thommy

Thommy is Dr. Thomas A. Kodenkandath based in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. This is the first in a series he will be doing for The Kochi Post.