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It takes a village to raise a technology startup

Silicon Valley, the Hollywood for entrepreneurs, is an inspiration to cities and countries all over the world. Every country worth its proverbial tech salt, has tried to recreate valley-esque surroundings for startup companies to flourish. Some have succeeded and a vast majority of them have failed. India, arguably has its own Silicon Valley in Bengaluru, […]

INK speakers do the things they believe in, even when no one is looking

Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance, invests in our ability to move ourselves forward into lives of productivity, of creating sthana, or a solid foundation of material life for ourselves.  In Kochi this week, she was the power and forces behind the order and productivity that curated the production of INKtalks 2013. Ms. Lakshmi Pratury is the co-founder […]

Wrapping the world in Thorthu

This is the one fabric that every Malayalee will swear by. For any number of uses at home, right from using around the kitchen while you cook, to tying it round your head while you garden, to drying off with one after a shower. Yes, it is the humble “thorthu” or the towel fabric that […]

INK Live 2013 to enthrall young minds of Kochi with multi-disciplinary Workshops

INK Live 2013, the engagement oriented event conducted by INK under the aegis of the annual INK Conference in association with TED, will began in Kochi on Friday, 25 October at the BTH Sarovaram. Conceived specially for college going youth and young working professionals, the three-day event will witness a confluence of renowned artists, entrepreneurs, technologists, […]

Kochi to witness congregation of innovative minds from around the world at the INK Conference in association with TED

The 4th edition of the INK Conference in association with TED, the annual flagship event conducted by INK will begin in Kochi on Friday, October 25 at the Le Meridian Convention Center. The conference aims to provide a platform to a stellar line up of achievers from diverse disciplines and geographies to share their stories […]

Responsible tourism in Wayanad

How do you deal with labour shortage and rising costs in agriculture and promote tourism without major investments? Kabani – The Other Direction has a solution. Responsible tourism.  (ED: their website seems to be down, but you can check out their Facebook page here.) Sumesh Mangalassery of Kabani, speaking to The Alternative said: We envision […]

An App for the Malayali Spirit

Nondescript shop, long line of men, towels over heads, newspaper covered bottles in hand. Trademark of India’s most tipsy state — Kerala. With technology disrupting various markets, it was only a matter of time before an enterprising company came up with an application targeting alcohol consumers in Kerala. Aptly named Kuppi, this Android app provides […]