PB3The Kochi Post is advertisement free and we intend to stay that way. One of the ways we support ourselves is by selling The Kochi Post branded products.


The Kochi Post Palm Book is a product developed jointly with Paperworks Etc. The book is composed with subtle elements of design and its exemplary binding holds the book securely leaving errorless balance.

The dimensions of the book have been kept to fit perfectly with your everyday belongings. All it has to say is, write more.


Like all good design, this book may look very simple but it’s not.  A lot of thought was put into making it. It’s paper to be all over. No leather, no plastic just paper. We go back to the days of antiquity, we stitch the book. Not stapled.
Our book maker looked around for how to stitch the book. The technology is not in use any more. And it was sheer luck that he found someone who said he could try doing it. He has something that has not been used for about 50 years now! And we asked what that was, and we were told it’s the skill to stitch paper.”
Pages : 192 GSM : 90 Paper : Natural White Size : 3.6″ x 5.6″
This is a an extremely limited edition product. Kindly place your order before stocks runout. 
Price: £14.99 (inclusive of shipping)

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