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All’s well that ends well? My take on the Shwetha Menon furor

So all’s well that ends well, or so they say. I think not! The matter in question of course is the recent scandal of a top Malayali actress being  groped by a man in high power. We all saw the visuals, heard various debates, made our own judgements and some of us even voiced our […]

“It was Emotionally Traumatic”: Shwetha Menon

Recounting the incidents which unfolded in past few days, Shwetha Menon said that the events were emotionally traumatic. She was attending the first public function at Bangalore after withdrawing all legal actions against Peethambara Kurup. Shwetha Menon received the best actress award for he performance in Ozhimuri during the Confederation of Karnataka Malayalee Association (CKMA) […]

Shwetha Menon’s statement withdrawing all legal and other actions against Peetambhara Kuroop

Shwetha Menon sent The Kochi Post the following statement: In the wake of Mr Peetambhara Kuroop’s repeated public and personal apology about the incident at the President’s Boat Race at Kollam, I am withdrawing all legal and other actions against him. I have taken this decision after due consultation with my respected guruji, Gul Saheb, […]

Krrish 3 Movie Review: The Diwali Box office Bomb!

Had Hrithik Roshan donned the role of Mayavi, Dingan or Kapeesh – the super heroes from children’s favourite magazines in Kerala, Balarama and Balabhoomi he had a better chance of pulling off a hit this Diwali.  The logic is simple; they are original and authentic Indian heroes who have attracted the children for decades because of […]

Mystery of the two million missing Malayalis

A recent report, which will serve as an official reference for policy-making by the Kerala government relating to non-resident Keralites (NRK), comes as a shocker. It bursts the pomposity of NRKs who have been priding on these numbers(and money power) to be a major force of social and economic change. According to this report, there […]

Presence of mind by Kochouseph Chittilappilly

One day, a landlord placed an advertisement in the newspaper, to find a suitable caretaker for his farmhouse. The challenge was that the location was notorious for severe hurricanes and storms. So, no one was willing to come forward to take up that job. The lone candidate who responded to the advertisement, said during the […]

Smoked Conscience and Intoxicated Morality

‘Smoking and Drinking is injurious to health’ – There was a time when these warnings were displayed in microscopic letter on alcohol bottles and cigarette packets. This trend has undergone a radical make over with its mandatory display in  macroscopic letters accompanied by terrifying pictures. Those obsessed with saving humanity from smoking and alcoholism were […]